About Us

Prosper Source Limited

We are of the opinion that temperature is basically the most widely measured physical parameter of our daily lives and at the same time,it affects our daily lives to a great extent.Therefore, we sell temperature-related products.

Prosper Source Limited has been established since 2004. We mainly produce and supply temperature-related items such as digital thermometers,bi-metal ( oven, freezer, grill , probe and BBQ ) thermometers, food/ meat thermometers,thermo-hygrometers, hygrometers and so forth.

Our factory is located in Ningbo of China. We have in-house research and development team to develop new products, fine-tune our existing products and tailor-make products for our clients.We , Prosper Source Limited , is the sales and marketing office of our factory in Hong Kong.

As our factory will not produce all variety of thermometers,we will also work with some partner factories in China to provide other thermometers for our clients. The reason is that some clients would like to sell different kinds of thermometers and related items. We, hence , will source the items for them in order to provide one-stop service for those clients.

OEM and ODM products are welcome.