Non-contact Infrared Thermometer/Baby Bath Therm. 

  • 2 modes:  Ear and Forehead mode

  • Illuminated display, 1 second measurement, quick and accuracy, 10 memories

  • Need to use with disposable probe cover (20 pcs disposable probe cover are included in the package),  a soft velvet carry case is included

  • Operating ambient temperature:  10 to 40C (50.0 to 104.0F)

  • Humidity:  less than or equal to 85% RH

  • Display range:  Ear mode:  34.0 to 44.0C (93.2 to 111.2F); Forehead mode:  32.0 to 42.9C (89.6 to 109.2F)

  • Accuracy:  Ear mode:  +/-0.2C (35.0 to 42.0C), +/-0.4F (95 to 107.6F), +/-0.3C (less than 35.0C/greater 42.0C), +/-0.5F (less than 95.0F/greater 107.6F); Forehead mode:  +/-0.3C (32.0 to 42.9C), +/-0.5F (89.6 to 109.2F)

  • Storage condition:  Temperature :  -25 to 55C (-13 to 131F), Humidity:  less than or equal to 85% RH

  • Display resolution:  0.1C/0.1F

  • Power consumption:  less than or equal to 30mW

  • Battery:  2 x 1.5V alkaline AAA (included), battery life:  4000 takes

  • Product size:  134 x 34 x 70mm

  • Product weight:  74g

  • Function:  beeper sign (on/off, measuring finish and low voltage warning etc.,  Deg C or Deg F switchable

Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer